1. Public Event Security

Public event (concerts, festivals, sports or corporate entertainment events) security management consisting of high quality, professional full service security solutions including:

• complex security project development and implementation;

• safety and evacuation plan development;

• risk analysis and event civil insurance organisation;

• event venue preparation, utilising technical safety measures (crowd control barriers, special fencing, metal detectors, video safety systems, lighting devices etc.);

• recruitment of the necessary safety structures (State Fire and Rescue Service, emergency medical assistance, State and municipal police etc.);

• physical security for venues (outdoor stages, premises, stages, sound and lighting equipment, fenced parameter) and other materials assets during the build-up and course of events;

• event visitor and participant entrance pass and ticket control;

• event visitor personal property (vehicle) control in conformity with the LR “Public Entertainment and Festival Safety Law”;

• public order compliance control, safety and fire safety requirement compliance control

• 24 hr physical security of stage and backstage territories and venues;

• physical security for event participants, specific (VIP) persons or groups – bodyguard services;

• installation of technical safety measures (video observation systems, special fencing).

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 2. Immovable Property Security

• establishment of real estate or site internal security systems;

• specially trained security personnel;

• in cooperation with real estate or site management;

• modern technical safety solutions (security alarm systems, access control, video observation systems etc.).

Real estate internal security systems utilising existing technical safety measures or installing new video observation, security and fire safety systems.
Video and recording viewing capability and analysis, remote control of cameras and recordings, transmission of sound reports and management commands via computer network, telephone, optical and radio relay lines, mobile phone and Internet network. 24hr physical site security including monitoring of technical safety measures, a security pass system and specially trained armed security personnel. If necessary, the services of dog handlers with specially trained guard dogs are also available.

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 3. VIP Service

• bodyguard services;

• VIP transport services;

• development of safety concepts and risk analysis.

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 4. Technical safety measures

Modern technical safety solutions:

• security and fire safety alarm systems;

• video observation and registration digital systems;

• access control systems;

Video and recording control and camera remote control, transmission of sound reports and management commands via computer network, telephone, optical and radio relay lines, mobile phone and Internet network. It is possible to establish video observation systems of any configuration ranging from simple local systems to a system with a complicated division structure and a large number of users.

The system provides the opportunity for remote observation of sites subject to security: in the workplace, at home or during a business trip abroad utilising any means of communication including by telephone, mobile phone, computer network or the Internet.

We develop customised video observation and control systems in accordance with each client’s individual requirements ensuring video registration and observation capabilities in real time.

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Employees are well educated, qualified, certified, professional security and administrative personnel.
Taking the professional specifics into account, employees are specially trained to:

• work with the client (public event visitors, participants)
• work with a large number of people in concentrated event venues (outdoor stages, enclosed halls etc.)
• work in non-standard service situations
• make operative decisions
• deal with a range of occurrences and incidents calmly (without the use of physical force)

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